Cast iron from the mountains of the American West


Northern Company was founded in the majestic Utah mountains with the idea of making fine, traditional cast iron cookware patterned after the best cast iron pans from generations past.

Our inspiration was the many adventurous and visionary expedition companies that settled the Northern Rockies (northern companies). We wanted to craft a brand of cast iron cookware that would stand up to the rigors of both the wilderness and the kitchen. The undaunted frontier spirit of the American West runs through all of our work. 

Our entire Utah manufacturing process relies on seasoned local craftsmen every step of the way. 

In shaping our unique designs, we spent years researching traditional iron-casting methods, drawing upon centuries of foundry knowledge from Victorian England, as well as homestead journals from people who likely owned the same quality pan their entire lives. What we found was that well-crafted, cast iron cookware seems to be something of a lost technology these days. The offerings they had back then were... better.

Our main takeaway:  They don't make 'em like they used to.

We combined these timeless ironware attributes with a love for clean, Scandinavian aesthetics to create our flagship cookware, the Northern Company cast iron skillet.




Northern Company is very much a local, family business. Much of the iron casting traditions we are preserving have been passed down from our Great, Great, Grandfather, Jack May, who was the Chief Assayer in Utah in the 1900s. Determining the quality of ores and metals runs deep. 

Here's Jack out in the Utah wilderness in the 1910s: