What size is the No. 8 Skillet?

The No. 8 cast iron skillet measures 10.5 inches in diameter across the rim. Lengthwise, it's 16.5 inches from handle to handle. The height is a touch over two inches with a classic sidewall angle that is perfect for easily reaching the full cooking surface.

How much does the skillet weigh?

We worked hard to bring the weight down to a reasonable minimum. The No. 8 cast iron skillet weighs in at approximately 5 pounds.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to most places globally. When you checkout just enter your shipping address and you're all set.

Can I use this cast iron skillet on a glass or induction stovetop?

The short answer is you can literally use cast iron in just about ANY cooking situation. Flat glass stovetops, gas stovetops, ovens, campfires and even on your BBQ grill. It's the most versatile cookware on the planet.

How do I care for my new Northern Company cast iron skillet?

One of the myths about cast iron cookware is that it's hard to clean. This is NOT true if you understand how cast iron works. We cook with our cast iron skillets every single day and cleaning never takes longer than for any other pan we've used.

Your cast iron skillet will naturally develop a healthy, protective layer called the "seasoning." The more you cook the better the seasoning becomes, like an old violin..